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11 Best Places To Visit in Vietnam

Vietnam is chaotic but its beauty lies in the chaos for which millions of tourists flock towards it and enjoy the vibrant culture of the country. This is what I expected and experienced during my stay in Vietnam which has made an impression on me forcing me to go once again to this beautiful country. Vietnam's culture is still preserved in this era of modernization and since its past contains the blood of war, a lot of the places may take you back to the days of Ho Chi Minh. However, a lot will bring joy and peace, a combination every tourist aims for. In this post, I have curated a list of the 11 best places to visit in Vietnam that bring a mix of experiences and are a "must-visit" on your next trip. Hoi An Hoi An is in central Vietnam with beautiful canals on which boats create their magic in the evening. You can enjoy these boat rides and beautiful cafes on the street. It has French Colonial buildings and needs to be explored either on foot or by bicycle.  Hoi An can

My Trip To Vietnam - Peace in the Chaos (Ho Chi Minh City)

Vietnam has always fascinated travelers all around the world without actually pointing out any one thing specifically. You might be traveling to India to visit just the Taj Mahal but why do you want to take a trip to Vietnam? There is no such thing. You just want to visit Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. But why do you want to do that? I don't know! And perhaps I did not get this answer from all the videos describing the beauty of Vietnam. This was something that had been playing in my mind ever since I saw a guy crossing a road with a million scooters coming at him. That looks like India though! Would that be the reason? I don't know! And so I pinged my friend Sudhanshu if he'd be interested in taking a trip to Vietnam with me - a beautiful and mesmerizing country. Ah! Sure he is. I knew the answer before even asking him. He and I have made and canceled plans a lot of the time. The one thing that we decided on our trip to Ladakh was to visit Vietnam (or maybe another south-east
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