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As I mentioned earlier, I was seeing double from the first day till now. My eyes did not improve even a little for many days. Everything I used to see was double. Two doors, two mobile phones, two coffee cups everything. The doctor said my pupils are not moving synchronously as they should and hence you are seeing two images of everything. The images are seen separately by both the eyes but our brain combines it as one, while in your case it is still two images. But, you will be fine with time. With time. This is a very vague sentence. There is no specific maximum limit nor there is any medicine. You will see normally with time. Hence, I waited for "the time".

Two days after I came home after being discharged, I picked up my father's phone, opened chrome browser and typed, GB Syndrome patients case studies. I wanted to know how much time? How everyone else have managed and how much time they took. I needed to know. I needed to be prepared at least. I read three case studies among which the fastest anyone recovered was one year and three months. My eyes were dripping tears continuously like a leaked tap due to mobile radiations but the recovery time I saw, made me very upset. One year is a very long time. How will I manage? Although I had all the people one needs to be motivated, it was still something that cannot be ignored. To show you how I was seeing during those days I have attached the following picture.

Everything was double. I was seeing two televisions and focussed on only one because otherwise it was really confusing. One month passed like this, it has been 35 days since I came home and almost 50 days that I was seeing double. Then, one day I was able to see better. The next day it was better than that and five days later I could see normally. I was seeing everything like I should, like everyone does. I was so happy. Finally everything was on track. I have gained muscle strength and can see better too. On 15th September 2017 I told my doctor that I am fine now and can see very well. He was happy too. But as the time passed and I was about to forget that how I was seeing for two months, my eyes reminded me of the same. On 28th September 2017 I woke up and saw the door of my room as double. The difference was not too much but yet it was double. The next day it was more. Five days later I was at the same stage that I started around two and a half months ago. I called my doctor that I am seeing double again to which he asked me to visit him the next day. I met him the next day. He was confused. He has never seen such a case in which something during the recovery has reversed. I was speechless. He referred me to the ophthalmologist. After three or four tests, I met the doctor. She said, "I think your one eye has gained strength more than the other which is causing this trouble. Earlier they both were weak, so you were seeing normal." She gave me artificial teardrops and said, I think It will be fine with time. Again, with time.

My college was over and my health was not good enough to apply for a job. I was seeing normal with one eye closed but not with both of them open. I decided to appear for GATE examination. I filled up the form during October. I remember my tears dropping continuously while filling the form due to laptop radiation. But it was necessary for me. In the next days I started studying with one eye closed, but it was disturbing like hell. It is really not easy to study or focus with one eye closed, or else you can try reading this post like that to understand. I ordered an eye patch to place it on one of the lenses of my specs. That eased my trouble. I started studying with the patch while tears dropping from one eye always. I continuously used to change the patch to the other eye to gain strength in both. In a few days the two images I saw of the television was of different shades of color now. One image was light and one was dark. How can I see one image dark and one light? How can they be merged then by my brain. I googled it, and it was a big mistake. From the first result till the last, every article, every post and every case hinted to cataract. These things happen to the people who have cataract. It is always a big mistake googling anything like this. Since then I have not googled anything about any symptoms of any disease.

In mid Nov 2017, after four months of double vision. Four months of abnormally watching this beautiful world. Four months of living like someone who can see but still cant appreciate anything. My eyes were seeing fine. Finally I could see like you all do. It was a journey of pain, patience and perseverance. How these qualities have developed in me, only I know. You cannot bear the pain of seeing abnormally for a week, until forced to, like I was. I was restless, I was patient. Two months later I appeared for my exam with my trapezius muscle still weak. I was and am proud that I cleared my exam after all those difficulties. I did everything on my own. Studying with one eye closed. Till the final counter of exam, I was struggling. I finally won. Adversities make you stronger. Although no one in the exam hall knew, there was a boy sitting with them who was lying on the bed just six  months ago. Who filled the application form with one eye closed. I finally completed my walk to this road of recovery.

Today is 18th July. It marks one year of GB Syndrome. I am proud to say that I recovered in five months. While others started walking in 6-7 months. I was running in five months. It was a tough road. It was a rough road. I have learned to fight. I have learned to rise. Everybody falls at one time or the other but you lose the battle when you refuse to rise again. Believe me, no one will and can understand the pain you are suffering through but as a matter of fact no one will be as strong as you will be afterwards. Today is 18th July. It marks the start of a fight I won. Thank you for being with me throughout this journey that I narrated. Thank you for staying and listening to me. If you could connect to me throughout the series, there is nothing better than that. If I could connect and inspire even one person, the purpose of writing my story is served.
Today is 18th July. Today, I rest my case.

Thank You.


  1. Harish finish it off in style😁
    Hustler indeeed

  2. That was move some good motivation brother.
    Keep it up !
    Looking forwad for more blogs

  3. Elegantly ended brother... Keep it up !

  4. It's not the end of the story though...the beginning of some new and interesting changes.
    Kudos to the CHAMP😊

    1. Thanks a lot Dharmesh. I really appreciate it.

  5. Another well-written and powerful episode in your amazing health story.
    Thank you for sharing this incredible saga

    1. Thanks a lot Stewart. Thank you for being with me throughout the journey.

  6. Ur all parts are motivating and inspiring to others very well done nd we are waiting for ur next blog for new title....

    1. I am very glad to hear that. Yes next blog will be up soon. Subscribe for immediate email alert :)

  7. Wow! That’s such an inspirational story! You sound so brave, strong and determined. I’m so pleased you kept fighting and you won in the end. I love the line that adversity makes us stronger. You are a true inspiration. Thank you for sharing your journey xx

    Bexa | www.hellobexa.com

    1. Hi Bexa. Your comment made my day. I am really glad you liked my story and found it very inspiring and motivating. I thank you for such an appreciating comment :)

  8. It's always good to see you healthy. I am happy and it's truly an inspiration with the way you fought and overcame the syndrome. Hope you keep growing stronger. And your story is gonna motivate many.
    Good luck bro for your future!!!☺️

    1. Thanks Shashank Shanu. Your comment is really great and I am really happy to receive such a comment. Thanks a lot.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. And bro I don't know why you chose the domain name as themeaninglesslife. Trust me your life has been meaningful and your efforts and struggles are adding meaning to it. ☺️

    4. Thanks a lot Shashank. That is a really beautiful comment. Thanks a lot.

  9. Where there is will there is way and u proved it..in our life, there are some days where we cherish every moment while there are some days we struggle through... And dear, this is what life is.. This is totally up to us whether we want to fail those difficult days and accept it as our fate or we can conquer those situations and become a warrior of our own life, because my friend, we are the one who can mould the canvas of our life the way we want to be.

    1. These sentences are totally true. I really appreciate your thoughts on all this. "We are the one who can mould the canvas of our life the way we want to be", true indeed.

  10. Where there is will there is way and u proved it..in our life, there are some days where we cherish every moment while there are some days we struggle through... And dear, this is what life is.. This is totally up to us whether we want to fail those difficult days and accept it as our fate or we can conquer those situations and become a warrior of our own life, because my friend, we are the one who can mould the canvas of our life the way we want to be.

  11. Your story rather would say your life is really inspiring and there are a very few people like you in this world. I would add that your parents deserve appreciation for the upbringing coz according to my experience childhood and upbringing play a very important role when one encounters such a situation.

    1. Thanks a lot for such an appreciating praise. Yes childhood and upbringing do play the role in such situations. I am glad you liked my life experience. Thanks a lot for giving it your time.


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